What her past clients are saying...

Improved Quality of Life/Coping Skills/Happiness/Better Relationships

"Taken me from a very depressed state of mind, due to circumstances and made me see that I am worth more than I thought. Going forward-not looking back!" Female, Age 46


"Leaps and bounds. That's how far I've come with EMDR. It only took two sessions to enable me to help rebuild my sense of rationale that had become so atrophied by self-doubt, shame, guilt... all the other crap that crippled me due to severe depression and a pretty hardcore anxiety disorder. The trauma I had to relive was relatively brief compared to just regular talk therapy. Nor did I have to go into great detail. Now that trauma no longer rules me. The best takeaway with EMDR is you don't have to understand how it works for it to work. Truly. Your brain just gets down to business  without you even realizing it. I decided to write this because everyone is entitled a shot at being their best selves, and how this type of therapy is a way to achieve that with a high chance of success. Besides, what've you got to lose by giving it a shot? Nothing, right? Nothing except an opportunity to set yourself upon a path of that ever elusive happiness and positivity that you deserve. Take it. I can promise you won't regret it. " Female, Age 32


"Inner Balance Wellness Counseling helped me start to take back control of my own life, by letting go of the negative things I was being told and giving those words back to the person or people they belonged to. I have begun to find my authentic self and let go of the negative voice in my head that caused stess, anxiety, paranoia and fear because that voice wasn't my own. Inner Balance Wellness Counseling helped me take my life back." -Female, Age 22


"I started going to see Andrea because my family made me. By the end of the first session, I was looking forward to going again. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder before seeing Andrea, and she helped me through the struggle of figuring out what that meant. Her holistic approach is the BEST! She is extremely nice and compassionate, completely understanding my side of my experience. She honestly kept me alive for a few weeks there. Thanks to her, I currently take no medications and have been functioning happily for over 5 months. " - Male, 21 Years Old



“When I first met with Andrea, I had been weakened by emotional and physical trauma I had experienced as a child until my young adult years. She provided me with a comfortable and safe environment to speak about events and feelings and helped me lay the groundwork for taking control of my life and my anxieties.  I attended individual counseling and group therapy with Andrea and I looked forward to our meetings every time because I could not wait to tell her about the progress I had made that week using the suggestions and tools we had discussed in sessions prior. She even had handouts or readings ready for me to take home which I still refer to if I feel like I am having an off day! With her guidance, I became a stronger, happier version of myself. I am forever grateful for her reassurance and support and her sincere compassion for what she does. I could not have asked for a better experience. “ – Female, 22 Years Old



“With the fast pace of life we often find ourselves astray and in need of guidance to get back in tune with your true self. Inner Balance Counseling provided me with the perspective that I had been searching for. Starting at a young age I assumed the role as caregiver and took on responsibilities that were not my own. When the time came to venture out and create a life for myself I became desperate to find out what was causing me to be so unhappy. After my first initial visit with Andrea at Inner Balance I had a new outlook and was open and ready to explore more about myself. My overall experience at Inner Balance was enlightening and very rewarding. I am now better equipped to tackle any situation that life throws my way and so very thankful that I was able to receive the guidance that I desired.” – Female, 25 Years Old



“We were apprehensive about seeking professional help but knew we needed someone to help us see things from another perspective. What we found in you from the minute we entered your office was a peaceful environment and a holistic and healthy approach to help my daughter learn to deal with conquering her irrational fears. We found the mental exercises you provided to be beneficial and it enabled her to have a successful first semester away at college. “ – Mother and Daughter, 17 Years Old



"Andrea is wonderful, point blank. I've had a vague feeling in my head my whole life that I perceived things differently than a normal person. It wasn't until I was 16 that I got full confirmation of that, when teenage drama almost took my life on multiple occasions, because I felt like I didn't know what to do. I felt like I was thrown into an ocean with ankles made of bricks. I went to multiple counselors but none of them "cared". Andrea really does care and will work around you. She will help you even outside of the office and to me that spoke a lot about her dedication to help. (Andrea), thank you so much for helping me during these past hellish months. I've come a long way in my eyes and you know I wouldn't have been able to say that when we first met and I feel like I should thank you."-Male, 18 years old



"Andrea helped me work through personal issues that I have been struggling with on and off for many years. Leaving her office after our first meeting, I knew that she was someone that I could talk easily and comfortably with no matter the topic! Andrea really got to know the real me in our weekly sessions.  She was warm, caring, non judgmental and supportive from the beginning.  She challenged me to look at the sources of my anxiety and then to actively change my behavior (and thoughts), showing me exactly what the negative emotions were blocking from my life.  I was always excited to go in because I knew that I was making tremendous and lasting progress. She helped me become more in tune with my emotions and more assertive and I will always be thankful for help, compassion and support.” – Female,  23 Years Old


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